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Oils > Essential Oils
Essential oils are the whole organic substances which give plants their aroma. They are a natural concentration of the life force and power of the plant. Each has its own unique characteristics and therapeutic qualities. These oils are present in extremely small quantities, which makes the pure essence a valuable commodity.

Always seek professional medical advice before using any herbal product, especially if you are already taking medication

Essential oils are supplied in glass amber bottles or metal cannisters to prevent sunlight degradation and to avoid the "bleeding" associated with some plastics

Organic essential oils are produced from organically grown herbs

Sale of some essential oils in the UK is restricted under the the Medicines (retail Sale or Supply of Herbal Remedies) Order 1977
ESS073 Bay leaf essential oil Pimenta racemosa
Grade: Pharmaceutical
ESS245 Bee Balm essential oil Monarda fistulosa
Out of Stock Grade: Pharmaceutical
ESS002 Benzoin resinoid Styrax benzoin
Grade: Pharmaceutical
ESS003 Bergamot essential oil Citrus aurantium bergamia
Grade: Pharmaceutical
ESS189 Bergamot Mint essential oil Mentha citrata
Grade: Pharmaceutical
ESS160 Birch Sweet essential oil Betula lenta
Grade: Pharmaceutical Caution
ESS102 Birch Tar Betula alba
Grade: Pharmaceutical
ESS005 Black Pepper essential oil Piper nigrum
Grade: Pharmaceutical
ESS247 Blue Cypress essential oil Callitris intratropica
Grade: Pharmaceutical
ESS126 Buchu essential oil Agothosma betulina
Grade: Pharmaceutical
ESS248 Buddahwood essential oil Eremophila mitchellii
Grade: Pharmaceutical
ESS146 Cabrueva essential oil Myrocarpus fastigiatus
Grade: Pharmaceutical