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All cosmetic ingredients must comply with the Cosmetic (Safety) (Amendment) Regulation and all relevant amendments. The creams we supply are carefully formatted and tested (on human volunteers) for safety, stability, microbial integrity and function

Our bases have been formulated to allow up to 15% by volume of any of our tinctures to be safely added without affecting the integrity or stability of the product

All creams are pH buffered to 5.5 to allow easy absorption by the skin. This makes them the perfect vehicle to carry the herbal extract across the skin and into the tissues

Certificates of analysis are available on request. There may be a charge for this service, depending on the type of certificate and product
BAS015 Shower Gel base
Grade: Pharmaceutical
BAS012 Skin Cleanser base
Grade: Pharmaceutical
BAS018 Skin Cream
Grade: Pharmaceutical
BAS027 Skin Lotion Base
Grade: Pharmaceutical
BAS023 Toner Base
Grade: Pharmaceutical