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TIN104 Myrrh gum tincture Commiphora molmol
Grade: Pharmaceutical 1:3 90% Western Tinctures
African Myrrh, Arabian Myrrh, Balsamodendron Myrrha, Commiphora Resin, Guggal Gum, Guggal Resin, Gum Myrrh, Heerabol Myrrh, Mo Yao, Myrrha, Somali Myrrh, Somalian Myrrh, Yemen Myrrh
Myrrh gum tincture
25ml £8.78
£7.32 ex VAT
50ml £12.89
£10.74 ex VAT
100ml £19.14
£15.95 ex VAT
250ml £35.17
£29.31 ex VAT
500ml £52.56
£43.80 ex VAT
1 ltr £79.28
£66.07 ex VAT
Medicinal Use
Although it has had a number of medicinal uses throughout recorded history, myrrh is now found most often in mouthwashes to soothe mouth and throat irritations. It may have slightly antibacterial effects, which could help to prevent infections in irritated mouth tissue, as well. As a mouth rinse, myrrh is approved for treating mouth inflammation by the German Commission E, the German governmental agency that evaluates the safety and effectiveness of herbal products used in Europe. Undiluted myrrh tincture can also be applied directly to sores inside the mouth. A tincture is a mild liquid preparation usually made by soaking chopped or mashed plant parts in a liquid such as alcohol, and then straining out the solid parts. In addition to relieving inflammation, using myrrh as a mouthwash also is thought to improve bad breath. Occasionally, diluted myrrh tincture is used as a wash to treat haemorrhoids or as a douche to relieve vaginal irritation.
Traditional Use
Burned as incense myrrh purifies the area, lifts the vibrations and creates peace. However, it is rarely burned alone, usually in conjunction with frankincense or other resins. Myrrh increases the power of any incense to which it is added. Myrrh is also included in healing incenses and sachets, and its smoke is used to consecrate purify, and bless objects such as amulets, talisman, charms, and magical tools. Myrrh aids meditation and contemplation. It is often added to sachets, usually with frankincense.
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