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ESS003 Bergamot essential oil Citrus aurantium bergamia
Grade: Pharmaceutical Essential Oils
Bergamot essential oil
10ml £3.22
£2.68 ex VAT
25ml £6.52
£5.43 ex VAT
50ml £10.93
£9.11 ex VAT
100ml £18.06
£15.05 ex VAT
250ml £37.34
£31.12 ex VAT
500ml £63.37
£52.81 ex VAT
1 kg £100.27
£83.56 ex VAT
Bergamot is phototoxic, so it shouldn't be used on the skin before being exposed to sunlight unless it's the rectified form (bergamot FCF), which has had the phototoxic ingredients removed. Never use undiluted on the skin as this can result in discolouration and a skin rash.
Medicinal Use
Massage or compress:
Skin complaints (acne or oily skin), cellulite, chest infections and sore throats. It can relieve the pain associated with shingles and chickenpox and can be used as an insect repellent. Added to bathwater or vaporiser/burner:
Alleviates feelings of anxiety, depression or irritability and eases cystitis, urethritis and vaginal itching.
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