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15 March 2022

Disruption to service

Due to the need for our managing director, Chris, to undergo medical treatment, service will be limited.

Treatment is ongoing and continues into 2022.

27 July 2021

Multiple emails

Apologies to all those who received a series of emails yesterday.

There was an error with the configuration of our mailing list, meaning that every time a reply was made, it was copied to every recipient on the list.

This has now been rectified. We were not hacked, and there was no data breach.

27 October 2020

System improvements

In order to increase capacity it is going to be necessary to upgrade and improve our systems so that we can move to larger premises and take on more staff. While this is in progress, some functionaility will be limited and the website will be closed at times. We hope that these improvements will make operations more efficient in the long term, and will of course try to keep disruption to a minimum.

9 August 2020


Demand is still high, but we have taken measures to better cope and have almost cleared the backlog. Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

17 July 2020

Order turnaround

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, an unusually large volume of orders and staff shortages, dispatch is taking longer than usual.

We are working 7 days per week to process orders and are dispatching as quickly as we can given the circumstances.

During March and early April we were receiving as many orders per day as we usually receive in one week. This has led to a sizeable backlog which we are now dealing with. See this page for our most recent estimates.

Order date Est Dispatch   Order date Est Dispatch   Order date Est Dispatch
26 Jun 2020 19 Jul 2020   4 Jul 2020 26 Jul 2020   12 Jul 2020 30 Jul 2020
27 Jun 2020 20 Jul 2020   5 Jul 2020 27 Jul 2020   13 Jul 2020 1 Aug 2020
28 Jun 2020 20 Jul 2020   6 Jul 2020 27 Jul 2020   14 Jul 2020 1 Aug 2020
29 Jun 2020 21 Jul 2020   7 Jul 2020 28 Jul 2020   15 Jul 2020 2 Aug 2020
30 Jun 2020 23 Jul 2020   8 Jul 2020 29 Jul 2020   16 Jul 2020 2 Aug 2020
1 Jul 2020 24 Jul 2020   9 Jul 2020 29 Jul 2020   17 Jul 2020 2 Aug 2020
2 Jul 2020 25 Jul 2020   10 Jul 2020 30 Jul 2020      
3 Jul 2020 26 Jul 2020   11 Jul 2020 30 Jul 2020      

7 April 2020

At risk

If you consider yourself "at risk" you should obtain a statement from your medical professional (doctor, pharmacist, registered herbalist) which includes your name and address and the products which are essential to you. Email this to customerservice@bristolbotanicals.co.uk and we will expedite your order.

15 March 2020


Keep up Vitamin C levels, especially the elderly and those who are already sick. Take a quality supplement where the vitamin has good bioavailability, or if natural source is preferred, drink rosehip tea.

14 August 2012

Tracking improvements

For registered customers each individual item is now trackable from the order detail page (click on the order number). For out of stock items, delivery dates are posted and updated regularly and any changes to the order are dispayed.

10 March 2012

Shopping Cart Enhancements

We've made improvements to our shopping cart.

There is now more information and more shipping options to choose from including recorded delivery and enhanced compensation for added peace of mind.

Just click on "Change Shipping" to see these options.

4 March 2010

New website launched

We have been promising the new site for some months now. Well, here it is.

Features include a registration option to allow you to retrieve and edit your details. These details are filled in automatically on most of the forms on the site. Registered customers are now also able to track orders online.

Products should be easy to find. You should be able to navigate to the right page in no more than 3 clicks. We are also adding more product information. This will be a constant work in progress as information changes and new research comes to light. We only publish details that have been corroborated by a number of reputable sources. It will take some time to populate product information data, but work on this has already started.

As with any new website, there are bound to be a few glitches in the early days. Please bear with us and let us know of any problems.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your custom and support since our humble beginnings in 1994.

Chris Hynam
Managing Director