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These symbols are used throughout the site

Pharmaceutical Grade Pharmaceutical Grade  Identification by laboratory analysis in compliance with British and European Pharmacopoeia. Full batch traceability
Culinary Grade Culinary Grade  Identification by laboratory analysis. Microbiological and heavy metal analysis, metal detection. Full batch traceability
Cosmetic Grade Cosmetic Grade  Identification by laboratory analysis in compliance with British and European Pharmacopoeia. Full batch traceability
Incense Grade Incense Grade  Visual identification only. Whilst we make every effort to ensure purity, these products have not been analysed, so cannot be guaranteed in the same way as Pharmaceutical or Culinary grades
Incense Grade Scientific Grade  Used mostly for chemicals. A pure form of the product. Generally higher grade than Pharmaceutical
Organic Organic
New product New product
Special Offer Special offer
Caution Caution
Toxic Toxic
Toxic Highly toxic
Toxic Extremely toxic
Out of stock Out of stock

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On-Line Shopping - What is it?

The principle of the On-Line Shopping Cart, sometimes called a Trolley or Basket, is similar to the familiar in-store concept where the shopper takes a cart or basket around the store with them. On-line, of course, the basket is a virtual one, not actual, and a computer remembers which goods have been selected. It also automatically totals and displays what you've spent so far, saving you the bother.

How do I order something?

Either choose the product category you want from the menu or use the Search facility to locate items you are interested in. From the resulting list, choose the item you want.

To order the item, enter the quantity you wish to purchase and, if there are several size options, select the size you want. Having made your selection, press the "Buy" button to place the order. The item is added to the cart and you are shown the list of items ordered so far.

You can display the shopping cart's contents at any time to examine which items you have so far collected. You can alter the quantity of each item or, if you've changed your mind, remove it from the cart. You can even empty the whole cart, if you wish.

When you have added all your purchases to the cart, you then complete the order. Select the appropriate shipping method, fill in the delivery address and credit card details and confirm the purchase. The order will be sent to us and a confirmation emailed to you. We will despatch your order as soon as possible.

We do not debit your credit card until we despatch the goods. For further details see Terms and Conditions.

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Our shopping cart service is certified secure and card processing is handled by HSBC Global Payments. We do not store card information on this site.

Payment may also be made by cheque, postal order, bank transfer, international money order and cash.

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Cart Not Listing/Retaining Items

Sometimes a cart will either not register items or will only list the latest item selected. The usual reason for this is that you have not accepted our Cookie. There are a number of reasons why you may not have accepted a Cookie, including: your web browser is set to ignore them; you were offered a Cookie but refused to accept it; your web browser is too old to handle them. For further information see Help: Cookie.

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Many web sites now send out "cookies" when you access them. Cookies are a way of keeping track of your access to a web site, so that when you submit new information or return to the site after a short while the web site can say, "Ah, yes. I know this visitor."

Cookies are benign. They are stored on your computer but cannot harm it. They cannot discover more about you than the information they originally send you.

Our shopping cart service sends out cookies so we can positively say, "This new item is for your personal shopping cart." It's needed by the web site so it can track your order details, and if your internet connection breaks it can pick up your cart again when you resume, providing it's within a reasonable time.

If you refuse our cookie you may have difficulty maintaining a shopping cart. If you do experience problems then please note the exact product details and and send your order by post. We will add the appropriate shipping cost to your order.

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If you need more information on our stock list and service, our web site or our shopping cart service (how it works, security aspects and so forth) please email us. We will be pleased to help.

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Status Key

Order Status  
Pending Order placed, awaiting approval
Awaiting payment   Order placed, awaiting payment. If you have not received payment instructions, please contact us
Approved Order approved and being processed
Partial Dispatch   Some items have been dispatched
Complete Order is complete. All items have been dispatched
Holding Order is held. We may be waiting for a reply
Failed Order has failed. Usually because of a declined card. Please contact us to make payment
Cancelled Cancellation of the order has been approved
Refused Order has been refused. Usually due to fraud prevention. Please contact us for more information



Product Status  
Processing Order placed, checking stock, etc
In stock A stock check indicates that the item is in stock
Dispensing This item is being prepared
Prepared This item has been prepared and is ready
Packing This item is being packed for dispatch
Dispatching This item is being dispatched
Awaiting delivery This is out of stock. We are awaiting delivery
Dispatched This item has been dispatched
Out of Stock, back ordered This is out of stock. It has been back ordered and a new order created
Unavailable This item is currently unavailable. We do not expect to be able to obtain it in the near future
Cancelled Cancellation of this item has been approved
Awaiting payment We are awaiting payment for this item
Suspended This item has been temporarily suspended
Replacement A replacement which has been approved
Default Payment default. This means payment is outstanding on this item
Returning Return of this item has been approved. We are awaiting its arrival
Returned Return of this item has been approved and received
Refunded A refund has been approved for this item