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About Us

We have been supplying high grade botanicals to businesses, healthcare professionals and educational and research establishments in the UK and internationally since 1994.

Our products are only purchased from reputable companies which have modern processing facilities and full quality control procedures and we work closely with suppliers, medical professionals and researchers in the field of natural medicine. For more information, see the individual categories from the shop menu.

We strive to offer value for money with quality. If a product seems disproportionately high in price, it's because we're buying the genuine article at a high price. Likewise, a seemingly cheap product doesn't mean that we've sacrificed our principles. We're simply charging what's fair. We do not compromise quality, authenticity or purity for price. The scientific name for the majority of botanical products is included and medical information is provided only if it has been corroborated by several verified sources.

We are a member of the following organisations:

Royal Society of Medicine   The Herb Society  

Federation of Small Businesses