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ESS016 Clary Sage essential oil Salvia sclarea
Grade: Pharmaceutical Essential Oils
Clary Sage essential oil
10ml £8.87
£7.39 ex VAT
25ml £19.16
£15.97 ex VAT
50ml £32.41
£27.01 ex VAT
100ml £53.71
£44.76 ex VAT
250ml £110.84
£92.37 ex VAT
500ml £187.99
£156.66 ex VAT
1 kg £296.94
£247.45 ex VAT
Avoid during pregnancy and use with caution if taking HRT or the contraceptive pill. Avoid combining with alcohol as it can exaggerate its effects, and don't use before driving as it induces drowsiness.
Medicinal Use
Massage, added to bathwater, or a vaporiser/burner:
Digestive problems (dyspepsia, flatulence, colic, and ulcers), menstrual (such as scanty periods) or menopausal problems, asthma, throat infections, migraine, whooping cough, acne, boils and wrinkles and can lower blood pressure.
Diluted oil massaged into the scalp: Hair loss, dandruff and oily scalp.
Compress: Muscular aches and pain and skin complaints.
In a burner: As an aphrodisiac it may be helpful for frigidity and impotence problems.
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