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ESS027 Jasmine 5% dil essential oil Jasminum grandiflorum
Grade: Pharmaceutical Essential Oils
Jasmine 5% dil essential oil
10ml £10.66
£8.88 ex VAT
25ml £23.08
£19.23 ex VAT
50ml £39.12
£32.60 ex VAT
100ml £64.88
£54.07 ex VAT
250ml £134.11
£111.76 ex VAT
500ml £227.08
£189.23 ex VAT
1 kg £358.99
£299.16 ex VAT
May cause skin irritation and gives some people a headache.
Medicinal Use
A powerful natural antidepressant and can produce feelings of optimism and euphoria.

In a vaporiser or added to bathwater:
Easing catarrh, coughs and sore throats and relieving menstrual problems, uterine disorders, muscular spasms and sprains. Also lifts apathy, restores confidence, reduces stress and is an aphrodisiac.
Diluted and applied to skin:
Dry, irritated, sensitive or inflamed skin.
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