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ESS041 Patchouli essential oil Pogostemon patchouli
Grade: Pharmaceutical Essential Oils
Patchouli essential oil
10ml £6.48
£5.40 ex VAT
25ml £13.98
£11.65 ex VAT
50ml £23.72
£19.77 ex VAT
100ml £39.37
£32.81 ex VAT
250ml £81.73
£68.11 ex VAT
500ml £137.95
£114.96 ex VAT
1 kg £218.65
£182.21 ex VAT
Medicinal Use
Usage What it's good for
Massage, added to bathwater or a vaporiser Relieving emotional and stress-related problems, such as depression and nervous exhaustion, calming fevers and strengthening digestion. Widely used for skin and hair care, including treatment of acne, eczema, dermatitis, ageing skin, cracked and chapped skin, open pores, healing wounds and scars, stretch marks, dandruff and greasy hair.
Applied neat or diluted to the skin Anti-fungal treatment for athlete's foot and it's an insect repellent.
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