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ESS045 Rose 5% dil essential oil Rosa centifolia
Grade: Pharmaceutical Essential Oils
Rose 5% dil essential oil
10ml £7.31
£6.09 ex VAT
25ml £15.74
£13.12 ex VAT
50ml £26.56
£22.13 ex VAT
100ml £43.94
£36.62 ex VAT
250ml £90.50
£75.42 ex VAT
500ml £153.82
£128.18 ex VAT
1 kg £242.70
£202.25 ex VAT
Not to be used during first three months of pregnancy and not at all if there's a history of miscarriage.
Country of Origin
United Kingdom
General Information
5% rose absolute in sweet almond oil
Medicinal Use
Improving circulation and as a digestive tonic. Relieving PMS, menopausal problems, broken veins, constipation, nausea, gastric ulcers and liver problems. Calming puffy skin, alleviating dry and itchy, chapped, sensitive or inflamed skin and beautifying wrinkled and ageing skin. Also used for wound healing.
Added to bathwater or vaporiser/burner:
Relieves stress related or emotional problems including depression, postnatal depression, nervous tension and insomnia. As an aphrodisiac can help with low libido and impotence problems.

NB: rose oil is obtained from the fresh petals by means of steam distillation (rose otto) or solvent extraction (rose absolute). Rose otto is the most expensive but preferred oil for aromatherapy.
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