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ESS121 Valerian root essential oil Valeriana fauriei
Grade: Pharmaceutical Essential Oils
Valerian root essential oil
10ml £49.27
£41.06 ex VAT
25ml £107.53
£89.61 ex VAT
50ml £183.90
£153.25 ex VAT
100ml £306.19
£255.16 ex VAT
250ml £636.84
£530.70 ex VAT
500ml £1071.67
£893.06 ex VAT
1 kg £1699.62
£1416.35 ex VAT
Can cause drowsiness. Shouldn't be taken with sleep medication.
Country of Origin
Medicinal Use
Therapeutic uses: insomnia, nervous tension, stress, neuralgia, PMS, menstrual cramps and high blood pressure.
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