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ESS165 Mugwort essential oil Artemisia vulgaris
Grade: Pharmaceutical Caution Essential Oils
Armoise, Felon herb, St John's plant, Wild wormwood
Mugwort essential oil
10ml £9.36
£7.80 ex VAT
25ml £20.24
£16.87 ex VAT
50ml £34.26
£28.55 ex VAT
100ml £56.78
£47.32 ex VAT
250ml £117.25
£97.71 ex VAT
500ml £198.77
£165.64 ex VAT
1 kg £314.04
£261.70 ex VAT
Orally toxic. Not to be used during pregnancy
Country of Origin
General Information
Mugwort is s perennial plant that can be found in waste places, ditches, bushy areas, and along roadsides and fences in Europe, Asia and North and South America. The downy, grooved stems grow from 1 to 5 feet tall and bear alternate, pinnate leaves that are green on top and downy beneath. The leaflets are linear to spatulate and coarsely toothed. In addition, there is a basal rosette of pinnate leaves that survive the winter. Small, greenish-yellow to red-brown flower heads grow in panicled spikes from July to October.
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