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GAW019 Asafoetida gum powder Ferula asafoetida
Grade: Pharmaceutical Gums
Asafetida, Asafetida, Asafotida, Assa foetida, Assafetida, Assafetida, Assafetida, Assafoetida, Devil’s Dung, Devil’s Durt, Ferulr perisque, Food of the Gods, Heeng, Hing, Hingu, Kama-i-anguza, Laser, Perunkaya, Stinkender Asant, Stinking Gum
Asafoetida gum powder
50g £21.30
£17.75 ex VAT
100g £31.44
£26.20 ex VAT
250g £58.10
£48.42 ex VAT
500g £85.90
£71.58 ex VAT
1kg £121.15
£100.96 ex VAT
Country of Origin
Medicinal Use
Asafoetida is known as an antidote for flatulence and is also prescribed for respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis and whooping cough. Its vile smell has led to many unusual medical claims, mostly stemming from the belief that it’s foetid odour would act as a deterrent to germs. In several European countries a small piece of the resin would be tied on a string and hung around childrens necks to protect from disease. The shock of the sulfurous smell was once thought to calm hysteria and in the days of the American Wild West it was included in a mixture with other strong spices as a cure for alcoholism.
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