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MHS238 Liquorice root Glycyrrhiza glabra
Grade: Pharmaceutical Dried herbs
Black Sugar, Lakritze, Licorice, Liquirizia, Liquorice, Mulethi, Regaliz, Regliss, Sweetroot
Liquorice root
50g £6.67
£5.56 ex VAT
100g £9.79
£8.16 ex VAT
250g £18.06
£15.05 ex VAT
500g £26.66
£22.22 ex VAT
1kg £37.57
£31.31 ex VAT
General Information
Licorice is the rhizome of a bean plant, both the vertical main tap root and horizontal subsidiary rhizomes being used. The dried roots look like pieces of dried wood, very hard and fibrous, about I cm (3/8”) in diameter, with brown skin and a yellow interior. It is available as dried, woody pieces of root, as a powder and as solid sticks of concentrated essence which are glossy black, sweet and partly soluble in water.
Bouquet: medicinal and highly aromatic.
Flavour: sweet tasting, similar to anise, with a slightly bitter, slightly salty aftertaste. When chewed on its own it seems to get sweeter and sweeter.
Hotness: Mild
Medicinal Use
The strong smell and distinctive taste of licorice is often used to mask unpalatable flavours in cough medicines and throat lozenges It can be chewed to relieve a sore throat and gargling with an infusion of the root relieves a dry cough and oral inflammations. As it soothes irritation caused by acids, it is prescribed for gastric ulcers.
Licorice has an ancient reputation as an aphrodisiac; the Kama Sutra and Ananga Ranga contain numerous recipes for increasing sexual vigour which include licorice.
Large or frequent doses of licorice can lead to acute hypertension.
Traditional Use
Licorice is known mostly as a confectionery flavouring, especially Licorice Allsorts or Pontefract cakes. Licorice candy actually rarely has more than 2% natural licorice extract, usually taking most of its flavour from anise or a synthetic substitute. Ninety percent of all natural licorice employed as a flavouring agent is used in tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco).
The sticks of licorice essence may be dissolved in hot water and drunk as a tisane and the roots may flavour fruit juices, syrups and for flavouring drinks like sambuca and beers like Guinness.
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