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MHS523 Storax bark Liquidambar styraciflua
Grade: Incense Dried herbs
Copalm, Gum tree, Liquidamber, Opossum tree, Red gum, Styrax, White gum
Storax bark
5g £22.57
£18.81 ex VAT
25g £83.36
£69.47 ex VAT
50g £123.52
£102.93 ex VAT
100g £182.71
£152.26 ex VAT
250g £337.91
£281.59 ex VAT
500g £499.86
£416.55 ex VAT
General Information
The aromatic resin 'Storax' is obtained from the trunk of this tree. It forms in cavities of the bark and also exudes naturally. It is harvested in autumn. Production can be stimulated by beating the trunk in the spring. The resin has a wide range of uses including medicinal, incense, perfumery, soaps etc. It is also used as a parasiticide. Liquid storax gives greater permanence to the odours of flowers extracted by maceration. It is also used in the imitation of other scents as an alternative to vanilla, ambergris and benzoin, or to complement them. The aromatic bark is burnt as an incense.
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