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TIN001 Agnus Castus seed tincture Vitex agnus castus
Grade: Pharmaceutical 1:3 45% Western Tinctures
Chaste berry, Chaste Tree
Agnus Castus seed tincture
25ml £4.56
£3.80 ex VAT
50ml £6.54
£5.45 ex VAT
100ml £9.61
£8.01 ex VAT
250ml £17.32
£14.43 ex VAT
500ml £25.74
£21.45 ex VAT
1 ltr £39.05
£32.54 ex VAT
Not recommended during pregnancy. Avoid if taking progesterone drugs.
Medicinal Use
Actions: hormone regulator, progesterone-like effect.
Therapeutic uses: menstrual irregularity, PMS (breast swelling and tenderness, mood swings, for example), menopause, promotes breast milk in nursing mothers, boosts fertility.
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