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TIN180 Hydrangea root tincture Hydrangea arborescens
Grade: Pharmaceutical 1:5 25% Western Tinctures
Hydrangea root tincture
25ml £7.08
£5.90 ex VAT
50ml £10.32
£8.60 ex VAT
100ml £15.29
£12.74 ex VAT
250ml £27.80
£23.17 ex VAT
500ml £41.60
£34.67 ex VAT
1 ltr £62.38
£51.98 ex VAT
Medicinal Use
The root has long been used as a mild diuretic. It also has a reputation for helping to prevent and remove gravel, bladder stones, and kidney stones.

A daily dose is from 5 to 20 drops
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