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WSE008 Dill seed - whole Anethum graveolens
Grade: Food Seeds
Aneth, Aneto, Dill, Dilly, Éneldo, Garden Dill, Surva
Dill seed - whole
50g £1.83
£1.83 ex VAT
100g £2.61
£2.61 ex VAT
250g £4.54
£4.54 ex VAT
500g £6.37
£6.37 ex VAT
1kg £8.56
£8.56 ex VAT
General Information
The seed is light brown, winged and oval, with one side flat, with two ridges. The other side is convex with three ridges and three oil channels. Seeds are about 3.5 mm (0.15 in) long. The leaves and stalks are aromatic and are used fresh or for pickling.
Bouquet: aromatic and somewhat sweet
Flavour: aromatic and slightly bitter, similar to caraway
Hotness: Delicate
Medicinal Use
Dill seeds contain carvone as an essential oil. Dill is considered caminative, stomachic and slightly stimulant. Dill water is given to children for digestive problems. Also it “destroyeth the hiccups”.
Traditional Use
Dill is mainly used in pickling, where most of the plant is used. “Dill Pickles” have become a North American classic and in Europe Sauerkraut and dill vinegars have been popular for centuries. It is especially popular in Russia and Scandinavia, where it is used in courts-bouillons and sauces for fish, pickled salmon, casseroles and soups. It is also used on cakes and breads, particularly in rye breads, the way caraway is used. Dill should be used sparingly as the flavour grows. Its flavour works well in sour cream and yogurt sauces. The chopped fresh leaves are frequently used with trout and salmon, shrimp, deviled eggs, green beans, cauliflower, beets, soups, cottage and cream cheese.
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