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WSE062 Annatto seed - whole Bixa orellana
Grade: Food Seeds
Achiote, Achote, Achuete, Anatta, Annato, Annotta, Aploppas, Arnotta, Arnotto, Atsuwete, Bija, Bijol, Foucou, Latkhan, Orellana, Orlean, Orleana, Rocou, Roucou, Sendri, Urucu
Annatto seed - whole
50g £8.75
£7.29 ex VAT
100g £12.38
£10.32 ex VAT
250g £21.80
£18.17 ex VAT
500g £30.76
£25.63 ex VAT
1kg £41.44
£34.53 ex VAT
General Information
Annatto seeds are brick red, triangular in shape, 3 - 5 mm (1/8” - 3/16”). The seeds are available whole and can often be purchased in a block or paste form at Latin American markets.
Bouquet: slightly peppery with a hint of nutmeg
Flavour: slightly sweet and peppery.
Hotness: Delicate - Mild
Medicinal Use
Annatto was once used to control fevers, dysentry and kidney diseases, though is now used mostly as a dye in medical preparations such as ointments and plasters. In India the pulp is used as an insect repellent.
Traditional Use
Annatto is used for colouring cheeses, confectionery, butter and cheeses. It is more widely used in the Caribbean and Latin America, especially Guatemala and Mexico. The seeds are also particularly associated with Filipino cuisine, in dishes like; ukoy, shrimp and sweet potato fritters; pipian, chicken and pork in an annatto oil sauce; and kari-kari, a brightly coloured vegetable and oxtail stew.