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MPO001 Cordyceps powder Cordyceps sinensis
Grade: Pharmaceutical Mushroom powders
Caterpillar Fungus, Dong Chong Xia Cao, Tochukas
Cordyceps powder
250g £76.99
£64.16 ex VAT
General Information
Specially selected strain of Cordyceps sinensis grown under nature-identical conditions producing high levels of Cordycepin and related nucleoside derivatives (combined biomass and hot-water extract).

MycoNutri Cordyceps is derived from authenticated wild Cordyceps sinensis collected in Tibet and then crossed with other Cordyceps strains to produce what we believe is the most potent Cordyceps available with exceptionally high levels of cordycepin and other related nucleoside derivatives.

Grown in the USA on sterile grain-based substrate in an FDA regulated facility, this biomass contains the full spectrum of active metabolites from the mycelium and young fruiting body of the mushroom, including beta-glucans, other intra- and extra-cellular polysaccharides, nucleoside derivatives (Cordycepin etc.), phytosterols (including ergosterol – provitamin D2), proteoglycans and enzymes.

Levels of nucleoside derivatives are further boosted by the addition of a high- concentration, hot-water extract of hybridised mycelium.
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