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MPO010 IS Complex powder
Grade: Pharmaceutical Mushroom powders
IS Complex powder
200g £79.94
£66.62 ex VAT
General Information
Mushroom extracts with Cordyceps biomass, Green Tea extract and food-state vitamin C for all-round support.

IS Complex combines polysaccharide-rich extracts from four mushrooms (Maitake, Reishi, Chaga and Shiitake) with Cordyceps sinensis biomass, EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) and food-state Vitamin C.

Cordyceps has a profoundly energising effect on different aspects of the body, at least some of which may be accounted for by its ability to stimulate in-vivo corticosterone production. It also contains a diverse array of secondary metabolites including nucleoside derivatives, which have been shown to interfere with DNA replication in tumour and virally infected cells.

Immune-modulating mushroom polysaccharides help to support effective immune response.

EGCG is the main antioxidant from Green Tea. It has been shown to inhibit growth and induce apoptosis in human cancer cell lines and also to inhibit viral binding to cell membranes.

Extracts of Chaga and Reishi also supply betulinic acid derivatives, ganoderic and lucidenic acids.
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