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TIN169 Siberian Ginseng root tincture Eleuthrococcus senticosus
Grade: Pharmaceutical 1:3 45% Western Tinctures
Siberian Ginseng root tincture
25ml £5.77
£4.81 ex VAT
50ml £8.38
£6.98 ex VAT
100ml £12.36
£10.30 ex VAT
250ml £22.46
£18.72 ex VAT
500ml £33.48
£27.90 ex VAT
1 ltr £50.65
£42.21 ex VAT
Not to be taken with coffee or for more than six weeks at a time. Avoid if pregnant or have high blood pressure. Unsuitable for children.
Medicinal Use
Actions: immune booster, tonic, stimulant, adaptogenic (improves tolerance to physical, mental and environmental stresses). Siberian ginseng isn't technically a member of the ginseng family, but it has very similar properties and is widely used.
Therapeutic uses: stress, nervous exhaustion, insomnia, depression, poor memory and concentration, chronic fatigue syndrome, jet lag.
Best taken early in the day.
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