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MPO013 Red Yeast Rice Complex powder
Grade: Pharmaceutical Mushroom powders
Red Yeast Rice Complex powder
250g £99.95
£83.29 ex VAT
General Information
Red Yeast Rice extract standardised to 1.6% Monacolin K in combination with Shiitake optimized mycelial biomass and Co-enzyme Q10.

Multiple research papers confirm the benefits of Monascus purpureus and Lentinula edodes for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

The Red Yeast Rice (Monascus purpureus) used in Red Yeast Rice Complex is standardised to 1.6% Monacolin K, and is free from citrinin, a potentially harmful component of some Monascus purpureus containing products.

We also add 50mg of CoenzymeQ10 per capsule to avoid possible depletion of this vital nutrient by statin-class compounds.

Contents per capsule: 350mg Monascus purpureus, 100mg Lentinula edodes, 50mg CoenzymeQ10
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