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TIN006 Aniseed tincture Pimpinella anisum
Grade: Pharmaceutical 1:3 45% Western Tinctures
Anice, Anis, Anise, Saunf, Sompf, Souf, Sweet Cumin
Aniseed tincture
25ml £5.95
£4.96 ex VAT
50ml £8.64
£7.20 ex VAT
100ml £12.77
£10.64 ex VAT
250ml £23.22
£19.35 ex VAT
500ml £34.61
£28.84 ex VAT
1 ltr £52.36
£43.63 ex VAT
Medicinal Use
Called “Tut-te See-Hau” by American Indians, meaning “it expels the wind”, anise’s carminative properties have been known since antiquity. It helps with digestion and sweetens the breath, so it is chewed after meals in parts of Europe, the Middle East and India. It is a mild expectorant, anise often being used in cough mixtures and lozenges. It is also antiseptic, antispasmodic, soporific and a few seeds taken with water will often cure hiccups.
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