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WSE001 Aniseeds Pimpinella anisum
Grade: Food Seeds
Anice, Anis, Anise, Saunf, Sompf, Souf, Sweet Cumin
50g £5.67
£5.67 ex VAT
100g £8.04
£8.04 ex VAT
250g £14.14
£14.14 ex VAT
500g £19.93
£19.93 ex VAT
1kg £26.85
£26.85 ex VAT
General Information
Though the roots and leaves are also edible, it is the seeds that we will concern ourselves here. The seeds are grey-green to brownish, ribbed and ovate, measuring 2 -4 mm (.08 -.16 in) long. Some seeds retain the fine stalk that passes through the centre of the fruit.
Bouquet: sweet and fragrant
Flavour: similar to fennel with a mild licorice taste
Hotness: Delicate
Medicinal Use
Called “Tut-te See-Hau” by American Indians, meaning “it expels the wind”, anise’s carminative properties have been known since antiquity. It helps with digestion and sweetens the breath, so it is chewed after meals in parts of Europe, the Middle East and India. It is a mild expectorant, anise often being used in cough mixtures and lozenges. It is also antiseptic, antispasmodic, soporific and a few seeds taken with water will often cure hiccups.
Traditional Use
Not to be confused with star anise, which is generally used in Chinese dishes, anise is primarily associated with cakes, biscuits and confectionery, as well as rye breads. It is used in much the same way as fennel to flavour fish, poultry, soups and root vegetable dishes. Numerous alcoholic drinks and cordials are flavoured with aniseed, particularly French pastis, Pernod and Ricard, Greek ouzo, Spanish ojen, Turkish raki, Italian anesone, Arab arrak and Egyptian kibib.
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